K.P.G.S. : Rambo Amadeus


K.P.G.S. : Rambo Amadeus

Rambo AmadeusRambo-Amadeushttp://www.ramboamadeus.com
Rambo Amadeus is rock legend from ex-Yugoslavia region. He is very respect songwriter, guitarist, singer, showman, composer and have his bend. And have University of Belgrade diploma in Tourism and can read notes of music. He intelligent and invent important global ideas Bad English (see FAQ) and Turbo Folk now everybody talk. His music is mix of everything what he and his bend can play (they can everything play fast and exact). Peoples especially like his lyrics because first very deep must think but after lough and have humor.
For full discography with MP3s see MUSIC. Here CD titles only:
1988: Oh Autumn Sorrow (turbo folk)
1989: We Want Gusle (certain ethnic instrument)
1991: Psychological Warfare Kit M-91
1993: Dick, Pussy, Shit, Tit (live)
1994: Selected Works (compilation)
1995: Music For Kids (children music)
1996: Microorganisms
1997: Titanic
1998: Live in KUD France Preseren
1998: Collected Works Vol1 & Vol2 (twin compilations)
1998: Metropolis B (orchestral tour de force)
2000: Shepherd, Come Back
2000: Don"t Happy, Be Worry
2002: Better One Warm Than Four Cold Beers (live)
He also compose music for many theaters and films.
He plays regular with his band in Serbia & Montenegro (parts what left of Yugoslavia) and Bosnia & Hercegovina and sometime go to Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia. Also played in Germany and Hungary and maybe will go to Italy. His concerts is top quality and low price. They play really, no computers, even rave play by hands. When play computers always one human play buttons. Hi has many fans and soon become more popular then his mother is (she is writer of books and paints pictures in oil).
He leave in Belgrade (Serbia) and Herceg-Novi (Montenegro). Has tree sons and one wife.


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